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tv   [untitled]    February 21, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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given all the big interests at stake in the region there is no more democracy chanting going on in washington there have been a few statements from u.s. officials calling for leaders of leave you have bahrain and others in turmoil to show restraint in hadley handling the protests and that's about it no more of that epic coverage of democracy mock crissy in making kind of things something that we saw a little more than a week ago when obama delivered all these passionate speeches on people of egypt making their voice heard and embracing democracy there is no more of that now with the exception if you ran of course the u.s. history or anything that's against the ukrainian leadership of the situation in some other countries seems to have spiraled out of control with egypt analysts say it was easier and safer for the u.s. to root for democracy and support the people because there is the army there which is very powerful and is largely financed by the united states and is now in control of egypt but you know other countries in libya for example the u.s. doesn't have that same leverage so they are much more cautious calling for democracy in those countries i spoke to some experts here they say washington's
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biggest fear is that those uprisings in the region could bring about leaders who will be hostile to the united states and many analysts and only say for the u.s. it's not really about supporting democracy in those countries it's about securing their interests just two months ago secretary of state hillary clinton pronounced herself very impressed by the progress that bahrain is making on all fronts she said that's quote there seems to be a strong in the broadly held commitment to democracy. that was that was before pro-democracy demonstrators filled the streets and the government responded with deadly force it leave you to experts say the u.s. would so much rather have things as they were off he was never their favorite leader that's what for about some seven years ago he reached to open up a levy is all riches to the west and to let them invest in oil production so they kind of left him a little but now with protest spreading like wire wildfires across the region the u.s. seems to to have little control over. what's going to happen next is as the region
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becomes increasingly unstable of the price of oil spikes on global markets it is now at its highest level since before the two thousand and eight financial crisis libya where protests are much more violent than they were in egypt or anywhere else now has the richest proven oil reserves in africa it is the twelfth largest oil exporter in the world and it's reckless to disrupt supplies i mean all these protests not only that but there are questions as to who will control the suez canal a major oil shipping lane americans have their fleet in bahrain to patrol the canal and keep an eye on iran but bahrain is now in deep crisis and nobody knows what's going to happen so the u.s. might be losing control there experts say if the unrest continues and the crude oil prices keep growing as they are now the u.s. is going to be hit really badly especially now that it's struggling to climb out of recession there are there are reports that a number of western oil corporations might temporarily gain from this spike in oil prices but the political unrest in the region makes it all too unpredictable and
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what you do still see that's our correspondent. should bring us more later no story of margo spoke to me earlier and he's confident the monarchy in saudi arabia will be ousted he told me that this will have a destructive effect on the global economy. long term of the west who. were there i could. control it in places which the americans don't really have a handful of. you look you see the possible spark you believe because you knew what the democrats are going to say when we have patients are you trying to wash. forests for us trying to put our own. she's going to cost you your cost the future of the. u.s. has already is simply something of the worst recession. major you proposing more financial assistance to the north african countries amid the wave of result of revolts in the region but artie's financial guru most kaiser says the union doesn't
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have the money it's own members let alone nations outside the bloc they can print more money but as they print money it drives the cost of food on the futures market precious metals higher they're just exacerbating the problem because they have no actual physical cash they just print fear debt which makes the price of food go higher so the first thing the e.u. could do is shut up and not do a thing because they're just making the situation worse they say they're completely corrupt they have absolutely no ability to assist whatsoever because they have no money and they keep printing fake money which is driving the price of food higher which is causing more revolution. what's happening in the middle east talked to as these abu sarah is director of middle east projects at george mason university joining us on the line from washington knight thanks pete where this is appreciated we listed we that should never see in president fleeing the country quite soon
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after the revolve began in that country that it looked. two weeks a fortnight to the side step down how long do you think colonel gadhafi has got left and i. think he has either a few hours or maximum a few days before he leaves i think the mistake of duffy did is he drew experience of what happened in tunisia and in egypt and he thought that they didn't use enough force and he thought if i crack down with more force and kill more people then they have more chance of succeeding and what we see is the exact opposite is only making it faster for him to the end up leaving power if you can shed any light on this eyewitness is reporting that the authorities have been using military power to crack down on the protesters if you know if that's true or not if true would that stop them. i think what happens is the more deaths you have over there in the more people who are getting hurt the more and the result is that crowd will be in the more opposed to the regime we saw that in egypt after the crackdown and the
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protestors and after the police got more and more involved in it and more thugs came and attacked the protesters more and more people joined the protesters even those who are sympathetic to some level today's action president and the same thing we're seeing today in libya for we see now more protests happening in new cities we see tripoli having way more protesters coming out and that that important thing is that the protests are moving from the eastern part of libya to the western part of libya as well let's talk about the political reaction to this over in washington d.c. with you. corresponding just now touched on this but the u.s. is accusing it of taking quite a week stands at the moment when it comes to the events in libya if the regime does fairly as you intimated it could do imminently well i mean for american interests in the region well the u.s. has been taking a week stand through the whole process of from tunisia to egypt now to bahrain
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which it's almost been silent on to libya and it's been taken that we stand because it's afraid that the fall of the regime in in libya will create more revolves and other arab countries we've seen because of tunisia you're more rebels and because of egypt many more have been protesting in other arab countries and assumption is if libya falls then in new countries that we haven't been expecting to have protests will also start protesting but they're also looking at the short term of their interests then they look at the oil and libya as a very important oil exporter and so this will do well in the short term affect the sale of the prices of oil in the united states where do you think all this is going to come down many analysts predict there's some rest is set to spread even further where is it going to stop. it's very hard to predict which countries it's going to go to after i mean people would never have predicted that egypt would be the second everybody thought egypt is the most most stable countries oh by then even three
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days after the start of the protests called the egyptian president not a dictator and a good ally of the united states it's very hard to know but from what we see now we we know that probably yemen is going to continue on the protests that bahrain situation which will have a lot of fact and other gulf countries which at the moment nobody's putting them on the map of danger area but i think if libya falls then most roekel other gulf countries yemen all these countries will feel danger that they might be now watching very closely thanks for your input into the program tonight as is every sort of george mason university. well american military strategist in the store and i would look for access that the people may want change in the middle east but the foundations for democracy is not yet set as he sees it marcus lee is not something you can buy in a shop it takes centuries of development to go to democracy that this stage of your argument religion is much more meaning for democracy and to have democracy have to
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have real respect for human rights and personal individual rights. you have to say you somebody wants to go with the head cover that should be covered you know not in sounds of the world but it's not there. more commented opinion and debate show cross talk bit later this hour of people of us is guess why the countries in the middle east are spending so much on the military right now and how the u.s. justifies its big business in the region. so the g.c.c. states to me in part are somewhat comparable to a singapore of switzerland their swap populations they want people to know they have weapons system basically want to be left alone saudi arabia does have some incursions into yemen and is using the chinese purchased from the u.s. in other states so i'm not sure about the anonymous although one could of course discuss the hooty problem there but to say that they're not using it at all i think is it would be
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a question. let's take a look at some of the top stories of the day two iranian warships sort of pass through egypt soon as come out on tuesday that will be the first time iranian naval vessels of sail those waters since the country's nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution they have been jus to enter the canal on monday but their passage would be delayed the ships heading to syria for a training mission israel of the u.s. expressed strong concern over the move saying it escalates already high tension in the region that is paulus lee has been following developments for us in tel aviv this many a minister benjamin netanyahu says that he views with at most gravity the passing of these two even you know warships through the suez canal to the mediterranean sea he says that it's really an attempt by tel ran to take advantage of the current
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situation to exploited and to extend its regional influence we also heard from the israeli foreign minister other don't leave him alone he says that this is nothing short of provocation israel and iran have not had diplomatic relations for the past thirty years and israel is concerned that iran is sending weapons to its neighbors that will alter. it'll be used against the jewish state israeli soon relations are strained israel convinced an israeli official saying as much over the past few years that iran is supplying weapons to syria that ultimately landed in the hands of his in lebanon now the united states is adding fuel to the whole situation the u.s. state department recently set up a twitter account and it is using their twitter account to post tweets in farsi that supports anti government demonstrators out on the streets of tehran we haven't seen the u.s. state department do anything like that supporting or even expressing any kind of opinion on the same kind of demonstrations that are happening in yemen since nine
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hundred seventy nine since the iranian revolution they have been no iranian warships that have actually passed through the suez canal this is the first major diplomatic headache for the egyptian interim government for the ruling military council as you well know president mubarak had a close relationship with the united states he was an ally of the u.s. and at the same time relations between him and the rand were strained for the past thirty years it is not clear exactly why they gave permission we haven't had any insight on that but what we have been told reporting is that it took in officials have checked the cargo they are confident that there is nothing suspicious on board and as a result they have allowed there for gate on the supply ship to go through. parties correspondent paula slayer they're coming over the program a bit of a change of pace for you later in the hour. files and. you'll get everything he needs to survive why even comedians in america are focusing on the huge student debt sam. say that dog is
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a man's best friend but of course if you're playing a guy dog is same it's more than just companion we've got the story of a man who wants to take care of his pet just she had been taking care of him really nice story coming up to grow. up in about ten minutes time. that he is jewish communities to run in compensation from the government for property stolen by the nazis during the second world war but many believe the case is likely to be rejected in a country where s.s. forces are seen as liberators from soviet occupation peter all of the reports from the baltic states. thousands of law being jews were robbed of their property money and in many cases their lives by nazi treats one of the major issues is how much food on the side of nazi germany have viewed today so really. unfortunately many believe the lothian waffen s.s. who fought against the bolsheviks were liberators but they in fact were bandits and robbers they have seen documents listing real estate that belong to jews killed in
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ghettos i think that property should be returned the amount of reparations claimed by latvian jews around sixty five million dollars the country's government says that they will continue to hold talks with religious leaders in order to come up with a solution however those in power draw their support from nationalist groups who are far less diplomatic when it comes to the issue of the lottery and administration is not responsible for the night you doing on the holocaust began our country was under to patients by definition lightly and i thought at least cannot be responsible for actions of occupants local jewish leaders say that they only want what was stolen to be returned however they realize that this may be difficult with current attitude in latvia while they wish we need the property to solve our social problems and develop education culture if it meant say no synagogues and cemeteries of course it's hard to find ours when you need to take back certain property but i hope people will understand and justice will be done
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a short distance from the capital is the forest where thousands of jews were executed it serves as a poignant memorial to those who lost their lives but in central riga there are equally chilling monuments to the holocaust like this synagogue which was burned to the ground with worshippers still inside over sixty five years after the end of the second world war the burnt out shell of this synagogue serves as a reminder to the tensions that still bubble between the local jewish community and those latvians that consider the s.s. troops to have been heroes while the government continues to draw most of its support from nationalist organizations a resolution to this conflict seems a long way off peter oliver r.t. riga latvia. the dire economic situation of the united states has created a youth unemployment bomb with millions of graduates failing to find jobs to start
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paying off their college debts those lucky enough to find work a must have the overqualified for the positions of these illnesses reports the international children's fund has worked for almost a century help the less fortunate than other nations now we want to tell you about a problem a little closer to home. for only fifteen thousand pennies a day you'll get everything he needs to survive the idea of adopt a grad maybe a joke but modern day post college survival is most certainly not have seventy six thousand dollars hunted by tuition debt larry's one of america's college degree owners facing a job market that has long ago thrown out the welcome mat young people have twice the point rate of most americans college grads are stepping out into the world in the worst time to try to land a job with around two million of them unemployed forcing many to forget about their skills and agree to any job on offer over three hundred thousand waiters and over
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eighteen thousand parking lot attendants working in the u.s. are said to have a college degree moreover in the u.s. bureau of labor statistics suggests as many as seventeen million americans with college degrees are forced to work jobs requiring less skills than a bachelor's degree provide raising an entire generation of janitors with ph d.'s as we have an ever higher percentage of kids in college and ever higher percentage of kids graduating at the same time as ever more companies are hiring fewer people so what better time to question whether education really is the best investment fed with america's traditional promise of a dream life after college what students aren't told however is that the cash and time they are investing. it's going to come back to bite them. at twenty two charles with a bachelor's in film and a dream of directing is already getting ready to settle for less you do wonder
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sometimes. because of this because of the economy he's looking for any available jobs to pay off his student loan debt but has not been able to find any paid work spend sixty five seventy thousand college. tuition. apart from weaving a dream career goodbye another big trend according to analysts debt driving much more than career choice if you want to help poor children as a physician good luck with your four hundred thousand dollars and other words people's college and university debt is beginning to pick their careers who they marry where they live with the economy and other countries pumping in full mode job hunting overseas is becoming a lot more attractive than in the u.s. a lot of my friends are considering jobs outside of the u.s. in india they're considering i didn't and try to sri with fifty thousand dollars of
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college debt says debt walks hand in hand with american culture take it or leave it but it's the cost of living the american life that educational. debt on taking out loans. car isn't safe so you just live from one day to another the u.s. wants to hold top position as world leader in the number of college graduates at the same time not enough jobs are being created and debt piles up forcing millions of americans to settle for less than what they dreamed of when covering that higher education. party. movement's first friend but for some people dogs of course are also a lifeline to the world so when the eyes of one man's guide dog started to fall to the owner spared no cost to keep his four legged friend on the road but it's off to sort of first next the government's not so. to stump up the cash to trade more of these vital. when alexei shiloh's began leading him astray he
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realized that rather than a visual aid this might be more of a case of the blind leading the blind the trip to the vet confirmed his worst suspicions. we find cataracts on the dogs eyes and how to take urgent measures. but as they say a dog is for life and despite the large cost of the operation lexie was determined to find a solution. i don't like to think about how much it cost me i took extra work and saved my pension for surgery and it was worth it. we had to stop the inflammation and then remove the islands from the dog severely damaged by the surgery was successful and the dogs now able to see again. in a country with a very quarter of a million blind and visually impaired the number of guide dogs available is way fairly inadequate training center in the outskirts and more scale is one of only relatively few and the only one that's government funded there are eighty dogs
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being chained here in the center at the moment now the training of the dogs typically start somewhere between ten months and two years old and many of the puppies are bred in the third. but the schools in a catch twenty situation it will receive further government funding to increase the numbers trained until demand is higher but the demand remains low as many simply can't afford the expense of keeping a pet and in a country struggling to adequately provide for the blind guy dog can prove invaluable as a lex a well known. this is like a member of the family which is always in the same room as me. they say that dog is a man's best friend but of course if you're blind a guide dog is same it's more than just companionship it's a chance to maybe lies is serve to really get your life back and it's why it's so important the more guys like this a trained up surf city will. come of just a few moments on the program will focus on the mideast turmoil right now the people
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of looks at the huge military spending of the regimes there is in his cross talk show heated debate coming up very shortly tonight after the latest business of committing money can. welcome to business good to have you with me gazprom has warned that europe's new common energy policy could hurt russia europe's third energy package due to come into force in march aims to boost competition by separating gas production from pipeline management is what prevents one company from controlling the whole supply chain cast from c.e.o. alex a miller says the plan would hurt russian gas supplies and discourage investment and pipelines at a meeting with analysts will also spoke against gas problems telling more gas to europe at prices set by the spot market analysts for. treating be higher than fifteen percent in the european gas market because gas is not a traditional exchange commodity like oil and gas cannot become
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a regular exchange commodity like because of its physical characteristics. he had access planning to place initial public offering worth up to one billion dollars this summer when she was leaving internet search engine has hired deutsche bank and morgan stanley as underwriters for the i.p.o. balance of trade on the nasdaq stock exchange a search engines offering could become one of the largest companies in two thousand and eleven and would surpass mailed out our use nine hundred twelve million dollars i.p.o. last november your giver on call from best cafe believes potential investors should approach with care. remarks just look at the market is now entering a new stage in the vein of the y2k bubble whereby investors will be cautious when looking at yandex probable valuation of seven or eight billion dollars in reality this tendency is very dangerous because buying the shares in the hopes to then sell them playing the speculative game mean some will manage to get off the train but
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others will be jumping out of the skyscraper in fear of the credit to the perceived european shares declined on monday as investors nervously watched tension. spread across the middle east and north africa you case put the slip point two percent to several of its mining stocks kind of boost from the rally and gold and silver prices both were able to live we served above one thousand four hundred dollars an ounce electronic trading on glow packs. and watch the stocks climb by the most in more than a week political unrest in the middle east oil prices questions biggest export path and turn left energy. and the r.t.s. might expand its one point three percent high its biggest gain in three days. taking a look now at some of the individual share move rossi half the country's biggest crude producer added three percent and loop oil increased two percent gas probably at a one point seven percent. income with its
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stalks you have rose metal producers. so. really it's. gold stalks are doing we'll produce alters up. through this is news utilities. in the last week who wants to clear up. she has a bank of moscow soared four point eight percent on monday as five representatives of the bank or elected to its board that's the spy the bank of moscow's president and co owner under a but i didn't stating bad be no negotiation will be to me when guarding a possible takeover he also said that a fair value for the bank was between eight point two a nine and a half billion dollars to be earlier said it hoped to acquire the moscow bank the first half of two thousand and eleven. that's all for now but you can always find
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most stories just log on to our website r.t. dot com slash this. culture is that so much of the spirit of the maybe once a year never really trained it's not even arms this is blaming you more i'm spelling less in jane jerk people and security obviously events in the middle east
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are top. news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day.
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top stories from our team moscow middle east on fire protesters in libya burned government buildings amidst imports the country's leader has fled and experts and politicians blame western involvement for stoking the violent unrest in the region and. writing past wrongs latvian jews want compensation for the lost during world war two and claim their governments turning a blind eye to the crimes of the nazis were considered a liberating force in the country's official history. and the u.s. is facing an increasing population of out to graduate as the struggling economy fails to provide employment. just
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a couple of months time cross-talk people of his guest discussed huge military spending in the middle east and whether the region actually benefits from it. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. welcome to cross talk i'm peter lavelle u.s. president barack obama has requested five hundred forty nine billion dollars in military spending for this year a small decrease over last year nonetheless the global arms business is booming do more arms not less in jane ger the world security obviously events in the middle east are top of mind.


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